Standard Ordering Size

This is just a few of the standard ordering size. If you want a different saiz or shape, just email and let me know.

(Code SC 01)

2 pc circle - diameter 13.5cm
6pcs cupcake size S (1.6'/4cm)

(Code SC 02)

1 pc circle - diameter 12cm

14pcs cupcake size size S (1.6"/4cm)

(Code SC 03)

1pc circle - diameter 14.5cm

10pcs cupcake size S (1.6"/4cm)

(Code SC 04)

1pc circle - diameter 17.5cm/7"

8pcs cupcake saiz S (1.6"/4cm)

(Code SC 05)
Cupcake size M (2"/5cm) - 15 pcs

(Code SC 06)

Cupcake size S (1.6"/4cm) - 24 pcs