Latest Update.. New Price!

Salam Aidilfitri to all..(baru 18 Syawal, ada lagi 12 hari lagi, hehe)

A few announcement..

First and foremost, our edible image is now at Rm 15 per pc only. So, kepada yg berminat untuk mencuba edible image kami, boleh email to ( atau sms 019-5778544. Pada existing customer, teruskan mengoder yea..hehe..

Seterusnya, we are now using Kangaroo Courier Service and it's just Rm 5 for the first 500gm which is about 10 sheet/pcs and extra Rm1 for the next 100gm (2 sheet/pcs).
For eg, the total cost for 1 sheet plus courier would be Rm20 instead of Rm 22 previously.. Murah kan.. jd, order la skrg !
However, this rate only apply in Semenanjung Malaysia. Kawasan lain, please email me for detail..

Last but not least, free delivery untuk setiap order 10 sheet/pcs keatas.. Menarik bukan.. Sekali lagi, place your order now!